Tenax’s line of Ager and Tiger Ager sealers are color enhancing resin-based sealers that are like no other. These Agers will bring out the fullest and richest color possible from your stone, while hiding any small scratches that may be present. Although it will not polish your stone, it will give it that “wet” look, an easy way to cheat when you are trying to polish difficult to reach spots. Tenax Agers are a cost effective way to enhance the color of your indoor and outdoor stone.

Tenax Ager sealers are also ideal for solving the problems commonly encountered when trying to match previously polished and resiend surfaces to the lighter colored polished stone edges of the same material. When using Tiger Ager you should apply in two steps. The first application should be done somewhere in the middle of your stones polishing process and the then it should be applied again once your project is complete. This will provide your stone with a richer and deeper color enhancement. Tiger Ager also provides you with the ability to easily match the lighter edge of your stone with the stones surface in one or two applications. Tiger was specifically developed to give your stones a darker finish and works extremely well on exotic stones that have larger pores. These exotic stones are sometimes darker than normal because of the epoxy resins used while manufacturing them. You can also use Tiger Ager in the same way you would use the Tenax’s original Ager sealer.

Both the original Ager and Tiger Ager are excellent for sealing all natural stones including marble and granite. These products will help enhance color on polished surface, however they are most often applied to smooth and sanded surfaces in order to give them a slick, wet look. The “wet” look and color enhancements will appear almost instantly and remain once the stone dries. These Agers take about 60 minutes to dry, results may vary depending on your locations temperature and humidity level. Full water-repellent effectiveness will be achieved within the first 24 hours after application. Once it’s dry, your stone will have total protection from all types of stains.

Please note: These sealers will permanently alter the color, shine, and appearance of your stone surfaces. Be sure to test a small section of stone before treating your natural stones to ensure you can achieve your desired results. If you have any questions as to which sealer is best for your application, contact us, we are always happy to help.