Multibond is an acrylic glue that is styrene free. It’s used to glue and to laminate marbles, granite, engineered stone and ceramic.

The product is produced in special cartridges 10:1 bi-axial quantity 250 ml. The glue and the hardener are predosed in the cartridge, once inserted in a proper gun, with special mixer fixed on the top, allows the correct extrusion and mixing of the product which is ready to be used for gluing.

The Multibond is characterized to have an excellent adhesion in short time, so you can cut and polish the assembled parts in a short time, 30 min. The hardened product is flat, shining and very polishable.

Multi bonding system for indoor to marble, granite, ceramic and engineered stone. Wide range of colours, very fast: Multibond is the perfect solution for those who search in a single product the strength of the bonding on different materials.

  • Multi Material
  • Wide Range of Colors
  • Very Fast
  • Styrene Free