Whether you’re an electrician looking for hard to find UL approved electrical tape, a construction worker looking for top quality duct tape, a plumber looking for effective Teflon tape, or a forester looking for flagging tape, you’re in the right place. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry a large selection of all these tapes, which are used in countless home, construction, and industrial applications to secure items, highlight dangers, and create safer working environments.

All the electrical tape that you’ll find on our site is UL approved and certified, meaning that it will not catch on fire or burn when exposed to high levels of heat. Although electrical tape is most often used to insulate wires and various other materials, which conduct electricity, the wide variety of color options makes them perfect for countless marking applications as well.

Duct tape got its name from use in air conditioning and heating ductwork applications, yet can be found on every jobsite, in every toolbox, and in every home. This multi use tape is made up of three parts: polyethylene, a fabric mesh, and strong adhesive. The combination of these three components make duct tape easer to rip than cut, so there’s no need for a tape dispenser. In addition to home improvement and repairs, duct tape has been used to make clothing, costumes, purses, wallets, jewelry, hats, footwear, and even furniture. In fact, duct tape has such wide variety of uses; some people believe “If you can’t fix it with duct tape, it can’t be fixed.”

Teflon tape, also called poly tape, can be found in every plumber’s toolkit. This tape is specially designed to be extremely flexible while maintaining immense tensile strength. Teflon tape is used to effectively seal connections in plumbing by wrapping it around the threads of pipes, ensuring that the repaired or replaced pipes and fixtures will not leak. Whenever possible plumbers would prefer to use Teflon or poly tape over putty since it is neater, easier, and faster to use.

Flagging tape also called flagging ribbon is not an adhesive, but rather an extremely bright and highly visible tape for marking items in countless applications. Flagging tape is most often used while surveying to mark property boundaries and underground utilities since these tapes can last for months, sometimes years. Other uses include marking trees, bushes and shrubs in nurseries or home gardens, marking paths, and highlighting hazards such as holes or electric fences. With its countless uses and low cost, it’s always helpful to keep a roll or two of flagging tape on hand.