Choosing the proper protective clothing for industrial use on location, in your garage, or at your shop can be a confusing task. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we take the guesswork out of selecting the correct protective clothing. We only carry the highest quality protective clothing like gloves, boots, raingear, extra heavy-duty vinyl aprons, vinyl sleeves, and disposable clothing used for industrial productions that involve water.

We stock a full line of high quality commercial and industrial gloves that are made using only the finest materials. These gloves are designed for all types of uses like keeping your hands soft, warm, dry, or free from chemicals. Gloves ordered on our site normally come in size large, so if you need an alternate size, please let us know and will get you the size you require.

Rubber safety boots are available in various sizes in both regular and steel toe. Our regular white rubber safety boots are the ideal foot protection when working on a job where you don’t want to leave dark scuffmarks on your flooring. The black steel toe boots have steel shank reinforcement to provide added protection when you need it.

The Rainsuits we stock are manufactured to be durable and to effectively keep you dry when weather conditions are wet. These suits come in a two-piece, safety yellow style that includes bib type overalls with large pockets and a hooded jacket.

Extra heavy-duty vinyl aprons available on our site are designed for anyone that works with wet tools like stone polishers and grinders. These heavy-duty vinyl aprons are waterproof so they will keep your body dry while everything around you and your tools is getting soaked. If you’re also interested in keeping your arms dry, then consider purchasing our white vinyl sleeves along with the apron.

Protective vinyl sleeves are ideal in light duty industrial applications like pet washes, grooming shops, vet clinics, car washes, food processing, or laboratory environments. These vinyl sleeves provided a secure fit with elastic on both ends, which allows them to keep your shirtsleeves clean and dry when working in a wet environment.

Some applications like painting require that you are able to dispose of your clothing after use. We stock disposable clothing with or without an included hood that are made with spun polyethylene, which allows them to breath while keeping substances like paint off your clothes.

Keep you, your employees and clothing safe and dry while saving money by purchasing your protective clothing from DeFusco Industrial Supply.