If you’ve been searching for high quality industrial grade rubber safety boots, your search has ended. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we have the rubber safety boots your application require, including steel toe and regular, in the sizes you need. Our black boots have steel shanks for reinforcement, while our white boots won’t leave scuffmarks on your flooring. When it comes to quality, you can rest assured that our industrial rubber boots are the best you will find.

When it comes to industry standards, OSHA has different rules and regulations for each. If your workers are working in environments where there’s a chance that heavy materials could fall on their feet, odds are you’re required to have them wear adequate foot protection. Industrial rubber boots, which include steel toes, are the best form of protection from falling objects. These boots will ensure that the wearer is best protected from accidental foot injuries. If you work in an electrical industry, you might be exempt from having to wear steel-toed shoes since they may conduct electricity. However we would recommend wearing our white boots, which will protect your feet and won’t leave unsightly scuffmarks on customer’s floors.

Steel-toed shoes have been used to protect people’s feet in most industries for many years and continue to protect their feet today. Steel-toed industrial rubber boots protect you from more than just liquids. They prevent your toes from being crushed when heavy objects fall and land on them. You can find steal-toed and regular industrial boots on our site in many sizes. If your size isn’t listed contact us and we will get you the size you need. Our multi-purpose boots are great for almost every industry, although there are a few things you must consider before making a purchase.

First consider your functionality requirements such as how they fit and the type of work you will be doing in them. Next consider the construction of the boots. Make sure they will provide adequate protection from hazards that are present on your jobsite such as chemicals. While considering this you may want to take into consideration what the chances are of a worker coming into contact with such materials. Dose exposure happen once in a great while, or will it be a daily occurrence? It’s extremely important to take of these factors into consideration in order to select the correct safety boots.

Whatever rubber footwear you choose, its needs to be inspected regularly for signs of degradation and wear. Things to look for are softening of materials, changes in color, deep cuts or nicks, and hardening of materials that may result in cracking. If any of these signs appear, you stop using the rubber boots and replace them with new ones.