At DeFusco Industrial Supply you’re going to find top of the line, name brand sponges designed to make your tile grout clean up faster and easier to accomplish. Let’s face it. Grouting tile is probably the least enjoyable part of any tile job. Our high quality grout sponges and epoxy sponges will help you get through the worst part of your job quickly, while providing the best possible results. The sponges found on our site are available in larger quantities for discounted prices.

The sponge has been used for hundreds of years for both home and commercial uses. They are the perfect tools used to aid in maintaining hygiene and cleaning dirty surfaces. With the development of artificial sponges in the mid 1940’s, and their continuing advancements since then, sponges have become more absorbent, durable, and are currently available in countless shapes, sizes, and styles. The sponges that you’ll find on our site are specifically designed for commercial and industrial cleaning applications.

The grout sponges that we have to offer have been designed to increase efficiency during your grout cleaning applications. These grout sponges are made with rounded edges and small pores to make the task of cleaning grout and pain free as possible. After spreading your grout, as it begins to firm up and haze, it’s time to put your grout sponge to work. Using your grout sponge and clean water, dirty water can ruin a grout job so it’s important to change out your water frequently, wipe the haze of you tile surfaces and properly dress the joints by wiping in a circular motion. Next use a cross wiping diagonal motion across the gout joints while continuing to rinse the sponge. We suggest rinsing out your sponge after every wipe, keeping the sponge clean will produce the best results.

The epoxy sponges that we offer are deigned for use with epoxy grout. We do not recommend using these sponges when grouting tile with regular grout since they cost more and will not improve your final results. These epoxy sponges will however work much better when used on epoxy grout since they will not retain water or pack up, making them last as much as twelve times longer than standard scrubby pads. Cleaning epoxy grout is much more difficult than standard grout, although accomplished in the same manner. Remember you’re still going to need to make multiple passes and spot check by allowing a tile to dry and see if a haze remains on the tile. The added benefit of using our epoxy sponges is the money you will save by using fewer sponges to complete a project.