If you’re looking for effective raingear that will protect you from the elements without emptying your wallet, you’re in the right place. All of our double durable two-piece rain suits are double stitched, safety yellow in color and include an attached hood, bib type overalls, and large pockets. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we offer you the highest quality name brand raingear that will keep you dry during the most miserable storms, for a greatly discounted price.

Choosing the right raingear for your personal needs is going to greatly depend on the weather you will be encountering in your area and how active you plan on being in it. Always plan for the most extreme weather, not the average, and you will be ready should a big storm hit. While making your selection there are several other factors and options you should consider such as durability, comfort, hoods, pockets, and visibility.

When using your raingear on the jobsite, the durability of materials used is going to make a big difference. You need to make sure your raingear is made to handle the rugged environments you will encounter. While durability is important, it’s also recommended that you ensure that your raingear will be comfortable. Some raingear is durable enough to protect you from most anything, although it may be very uncomfortable to wear. If you’re going to be wearing your raingear for a long time, you need to make sure that you’re not going to swelter while using it. Although you can’t account for everything such as the humidity and temperature, there are some things that will help with your comfort. Choose raingear that will provide some breathability or that includes vents and you will be more comfortable while wearing it.

Raingear that offers hoods will provide you with protection for your head and neck from the rain. Hoods are available in two main styles: attached and detachable. While permanently attached hoods are going to provide greater protection, being able to remove your hood will offer the benefit of being able to remove it when it is no longer required. Pockets, although they will not add any additional protection, are a feature you may require. If you need to carry identification or tools, choosing raingear that includes pockets, which can be opened and closed, will make it much easer to access these items when you need them. If you work in a hazardous environment, visibility is important. You don’t want to blend into the background. Wearing raingear in bright yellow or with reflective striping will make it much easier for others to see you.

With the many styles to choose from, selecting raingear that is right for you and your application can be an intimidating task. At DeFusco Industrial Supply, we’re here to help. If you need any assistance in selecting the right raingear for your applications, contact us and we help you choose raingear that meets all of your requirements.