At DeFusco Industrial Supply, we carry a wide selection of power and pneumatic tools, including electric angle grinders, stone profiling machines, electric handsaws, and wet stone polishers and grinders. Brand names you can trust like, Makita, Flex, Barranca, Felisatti, Alpha, Weha, Skill, and Bosch manufacture these high performance and powerful tools. If you’re in the market for professional quality power tools, we offer them at the best prices you can find.

Electric angle grinders let you make quick work out of applications that require coarse grinding of stone and other materials. Angle grinders come in several sizes ranging from lightweight grinders that use 4-5 inch grinding disks, to larger heavy-duty grinders that utilize 7-9 inch disks. The versatility of these angle grinders make them a must have for anyone that wants to sand, cut, carve, or clean the surfaces of stone and virtually any other material. Any of these tasks can be completed with ease just by attaching the correct cut off wheel, wire wheel brush, or abrasive wheel.

Stone profiling machines give you the ability to create the most prominent part of any countertop, the fabricated edge treatment. By using the correct accessories you can create anything from a straight edge to the most elaborate and decorative designs, the possibilities are endless. At DeFusco Industrial Supply, we specialize in tools for people that enjoy the benefits of profiling their own granite or stone countertops. That’s why we also supply a full line of the best How-To Videos to help you stay on the cutting edge.

The electric handsaws or circular saw is the most commonly found tool in any workshop or on any job site. They use a circular blade with a large number of sharp teeth to easily and precisely cut through whatever material you are working with. Providing you with the convenience of bringing your saw to your materials, rather than the other way around, makes this saw a valuable piece of equipment for any job. With the simple change of the blade, you’re ready for your next cutting task.

Wet stone polishers and grinders and durable power tools used by professionals to grind, polish, hone, and clean granite, marble, and many other stone materials. These powerful tools use different coated abrasive and diamond disks to allow you to achieve exceptional results. Wet stone grinders and polishers are very useful when working on or installing stone floors, walls, and countertops.