When it comes to purchasing reciprocating saw blades, there is no room for second best. That’s why we only carry the highest quality; American-Made reciprocating saw blades made by brand names like Lenox and Marathon. We quality tested these reciprocating saw blades in our warehouse and know you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re in the market for top quality bi-metal reciprocating saw blades for cutting wood with nails in it, roughing-in, or cutting metal, these are the blades for you. We even carry reciprocating saw blades designed specifically for cutting through hard metals. Don’t think your limited to wood, nails and metal, if you use the eight-inch blades, you’ll also be able to cut though fiberglass and plaster with ease. Made to have a long, extra sharp life and to make your work easier.

Reciprocating saws allow you the versatility required to perform cuts in location that no other saw can access. A large portion of this versatility is due to the interchangeable blades that are available for use with them. With the large selection of blades to choose from we would like to go over a few key factors you will need to consider before making a purchase. The first factor to consider is the manufacturer of the saw blade. Although you can use blades from many different manufacturers, it is recommend you find one that you can trust to provide results. We only carry top quality brands that professionals trust and we recommend them to all our customers.

Another important factor is the material you will be cutting. If you know what you are cutting, you can narrow your search down a great deal. It’s a common rule of thumb that if you are cutting hard materials, you will require a saw blade that has a larger number of teeth per inch (TPI). For softer materials you can use blades with a smaller number of teeth per inch and cut much faster. Once you know what materials you will be cutting you can narrow it even further by separating only the blades that have the required fitting for your reciprocating saw. There are many different styles, so make sure you select the correct one or you will not be able to insert the blade into your saw.

The final step in choosing your reciprocating saw blade would be to identify the size of your projects materials. Select a blade that is long enough to go through the material without damaging anything that may be behind it. Also, make sure your blade is not to short. This will result in the blade bending within the material and breaking off. We recommend that you double check before cutting, just to be safe. You should now have your blade choices narrowed down to just a couple to choose from. If you still require help selecting the proper reciprocating saw blade for your project, contact us, we’ll be glad to help.

We carry a large selection of quality sawzall blades and reciprocating saw blades from brands like Lenox, Marathon, and Irwin, at wholesale prices.