Disposable clothing, like painters’ suits, have become very popular in industrial settings, where their work is messy. Disposable clothes are made out of durable, yet inexpensive materials, which effectively keep you and your clothes clean. If you’re tired of having to toss out your work clothes after just a few jobs, disposable clothes are an economical solution. The disposable clothing on our site is made to last for several uses, while our low price makes them cheap to replace.

With advancements in technology, you can now give yourself an added layer of comfort and protection by wearing inexpensive disposable clothing. These garments aren’t only low in price. They allow you to keep your work and other areas more sanitary. Rather than continuing to wear the same dirty work outfit, job after job, you can wear these disposable clothes until cleanliness becomes an issue and just toss them out. Another great benefit of disposable garments is that you no longer need to try and repair garments that are damaged. These inexpensive garments can just be thrown away once they become irreversibly damaged. The best part is that the disposable clothes that we carry are made of lightweight materials, stronger than paper, that are breathable, durable, and flexible making them comfortable to wear.

Every available disposable garment has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Disposable gloves provide ideal protection for your hands while your working on small projects, however they only provide protection up to your wrist. If your job is slightly messier, you can purchase disposable sleeves as well, that will provide additional protection up to your shoulders. This combination is great if you need to remove your gloves often to handle items you don’t want to contaminate. Additional single pieces protective disposable garments are available for your head and feet. Protecting your hair with a disposable hood is a great way to keep paints, glues, epoxies, and other chemicals from damaging your hair and will keep your hair from contaminating products such as food. Protective disposable footwear is great for keeping your shoes clean, or eliminating the chance of your shoes damaging a clients flooring. While single piece protective clothing is great for small jobs, messy jobs need a little more.

If you’re working in an environment that is truly messy, disposable aprons, lab coats, coveralls, and suits are probably what you’re looking for. Disposable aprons and lab coats are designed to allow the wearer a quick way to put them on and then when needed remove them quickly as well. This speed of use comes at a price. They do not provide as much protection as coveralls and disposable suits. Disposable coveralls and full suits provide you with the best protection from messy spills. These disposable products are going to protect your entire body, while providing full mobility in most working environments. No matter which disposable garments you choose or require, by purchasing them from DeFusco Industrial Supply, you know your getting top quality products at the best possible prices.