At DeFusco Industrial Supply you’ll find wide selection of high quality name brand hex bits designed for use in manual, electric, and pneumatic screwdrivers and drills. Hex bits improve the operator’s performance by allowing them to use one driver for all of their drilling and screwing applications. Since hex bits eliminate the need to purchase an entire screwdriver every time the tip strips, they’re an inexpensive way to potentially save time and money.

Before the hex bit was invented the only choice that workers had in automotive, construction, and other industries, was to purchase an individual screwdriver for each style of screw head they would encounter. The problem was that with certain screw styles like flat-heads and Phillips heads, the tip of the screwdriver would often strip out, which would require the purchase of new screwdriver. In many industries this became extremely expensive due to the large number of screwdrivers they would go through.

The invention of the hex bit provided a simple and inexpensive solution for these industries. The hex bit is designed to allow the operator to purchase one screwdriver or driver that has interchangeable tips, which are available in many styles, one for ever style of screw head. Now instead of having to carry around a complete set of screwdrivers, a worker only needs to carry one driver and the tips that their jobs require. This provides more than financial savings, the added convenience of quickly changing out the tip of a screwdriver depending on needs rather than digging through a toolbox, can greatly improve the speed at which a job gets done. The best part is that when the tip of a screwdriver strips, the worker only needs to change the tip, the last inch, rather than having to replace the entire product.

Hex bits come in a wide range of types, styles, and sizes, which correspond to the many different styles and sizes of hardware that they’re designed to work with. If you’re looking to purchase hex bits individually or in complete sets, you’re in the right place. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we strive to keep a large variety of top quality hex bits in stock, at the absolute best prices possible. If you’re looking for a specific style hex bit tip that’s not listed here on our site, contact us by email or phone and one of our staff members will gladly assist you in locating the hex bits your applications require.