At DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry both safety goggles and safety glasses, which are an essential piece of safety equipment that is required for any job that involves flying dust, particles, and other hazardous materials that my enter your eyes. Our selection of safety glasses and goggles allow you to save your eyes and your wallet.

OSHA standards require employers to provide their workers with eye protection that will effectively provide protection from the hazards they may come across while working. Safety glasses and goggles are used to protect workers eyes from water, chemicals, and particulates from striking them. Eye protection devices should fit properly and allow air to circulate between the lens and the eye it is protecting. All of the safety glasses and safety goggles that we stock meet all ANSI codes and OSHA standards.

Your prescription eyeglasses just aren’t strong enough to protect your eyes from the projectiles created when performing tasks like sanding, grinding, and high speed drilling. That’s the main difference between eyeglasses and safety glasses, these safety glasses are designed to withstand impacts as high as 150 feet per second and protect your eyes. The good news is that the safety glasses that we carry provide effective protection and are available in stylish designs that your workers will actually want to wear.

Standard safety glasses will only protect your eyes from projectiles that come from the front. The Safety glasses that we carry include side shields that will also provide a limited amount of protection from side projectiles that you may come across during tasks like buffing, sanding, and while using a drill press. When you’re using a lathe or performing tasks such as blade sharpening or high-speed cutting where hazards may come from below or above, we recommend using protective goggles.

When using power tools like high-speed drills and chainsaws, wearing safety goggles will protect your eyes from damage cause by particles, dust, and sprays that come from all directions. We stock high quality, lightweight, flexible, and non-fogging safety goggles that will fit over any pair of prescription glasses. These are the best quality and most reliable safety glasses you can find and are available from DeFusco Industrial Supply for the lowest price.

Please note, if you are using a face shield to protect your eyes during operations like grinding, they don’t provide enough protection. You should always wear a good pair of safety glasses or safety goggles under your face shield for added protection against eye injuries.