The straight shank carbide tipped drill bits that we stock are made in America by brand names that professionals trust like Disco Sea and Desco. These high quality bits can be used in any rotary or percussion drill as long as they accept a straight shank. At DeFusco Industrial Supply, you will find the highest quality drill bits at the lowest price.

These straight shank carbide tipped bits, also known as hammer bits, are made with carbide tips for quick drilling through brick, block, concrete, and other masonry materials. The straight shank refers to the part of the bit that actually slides into the drill, which is smooth and either round or hex in shape. Once slid into the drills chuck, the drill bit can be tightened down using a chuck key, locking the bit into place.

If you’re going to be drilling into concrete these straight shank carbide tipped bits and a good quality hammer drill are all you will need. These bits produce good quality holes with minimal effort from the operator by breaking the concrete into little pieces that are removed by the bits flutes. The majority of the concrete breaking is achieved through the drills hammering action pushing the drill bits premium carbide tip into the concrete. Then the drill bits flutes efficiently remove the concrete dust that was created, which minimizes the chance of the bit binding up in the hole.

If your drill bits start binding on you, odds are that the carbide tips have become dull. A lot of people decide to use the easiest solution by throwing the bit out and buying a new one. This is not necessary since carbide tips can be sharpened multiple times over the course of their long life. So, for the longer and more expensive carbide tipped bits, it may be worth a few minutes of your time to sharpen them. Sharpening carbide tipped drill bits is simple if you have a diamond abrasive grinding wheel that can affect the hard carbide metal.

First, be sure to take the proper safety precautions. Put on safety glasses, canvas gloves, and use a dust mask. The safety glasses will protect your eyes from flying particles, the canvas gloves will protect your hands from accidental contact with the grinding wheel, and the dust mask will protect you from breathing in potential hazardous dust particles.

Turn on your grinder and hold the side of the drill bit parallel to the broad side of the grinding wheel. Holding the drill bit by the bottom, lightly press the bit against the side of the wheel while turning the bit clockwise and moving it in a downward motion. Be sure that the cutting ridge of the blade is coming into contact with the surface of the diamond-grinding wheel. If the bit gets hot, stop and let it cool down before continuing to sharpen. You will easily be able to see the parts of your bit that have been sharpened since they will have a brighter shine. Once the ridges are sharp, touch the angles at the tip of the bit to the wheel in order to sharpen and smooth them out. Make sure you only sharpen the flat sides of each angle and not the points. You now have a like new straight shank carbide tipped drill bit that is ready for use.