No matter what industry your in, we carry the saw blades that will let you complete your project efficiently. We have saw blades for wood, metal, tile, concrete, and every kind of stone that will provide professional results with every cut. Whether you’re looking for circular saw blades, large diameter carbide tipped saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, portable bandsaw blades, hacksaw blades, or holesaw blades and kits, we have them at exceptional prices.

If top quality circular saw blades are what you’re looking for, we have them from the brands professionals trust, like Skil, Irwin, and Vermont American. The incredibly long life of these carbide tipped circular saw blades will provide superior performance you can depend on.

We also carry a selection of large diameter carbide tipped saw blades that measure from 10 to 12 inches, making them perfect for use in your radial arm saw or compound miter box. Manufactured by Skil so you know these larger diameter carbide tipped saw blades will give you a great cut, every time.

The reciprocating saw blades that we carry are made in America and you can see the exceptional craftsmanship in every blade. These bi-metal reciprocating blades from Lenox and Marathon are designed for cutting metal, although provide excellent results when cutting through wood with embedded nails. These Sawzall blades can also be used to cut through plaster, fiberglass, and other materials.

Our portable bandsaw blades are another great line of saw blades that are made in the United States. These bi-metal bandsaw blades are designed to provide you with long life and speed when cutting all metals.

We carry the finest shatterproof bi-metal hacksaw blades that are manufactured by Starret, who has been providing innovative, precise, and high quality products to professionals for over 100 years. These hacksaw blades will cut through the hardest metals while maintaining a clean cut.

We stock deep well holesaws from BlueMol that will cut through a 2×4 in one pass. These high quality shock resistant holesaws will cut smoother and faster than any other brand when used to cut both wood and metal. We also have these top quality holesaws in complete kits, at value pricing.

At DeFusco Industrial Supply we specialize in stone cutting tools, and the professionals at the stone fabrication shops we supply love the high quality diamond saw blades and the stone cutting tools we carry. If you’re looking for a any type of saw blade for cutting laminates, hardwoods, plexiglass, lumber, or for making cabinets, we have the right saw blade for you. Take a look around and see for yourself the large selection of high quality saw blades we offer at discount prices.

Saw Blades, We carry saw blades like sawzalls, bi-metal reciprocating blades for metal and wood, diamond saw blades for glass, tile, stone, and concrete cutting.