Tongue depressors, which are sometimes called “craft sticks” come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that are used in countless home, school, commercial, and industrial applications. The tongue depressors that we carry are made out of high-quality wood that provides high-tensile strength and a smooth splinter-free feel. Priced low for disposable use, these tongue depressors are a great way to minimize cleanup when mixing or applying paints, glues, and epoxies.

A traditional tongue depressor looks like a large Popsicle stick, a long thin piece of wood with rounded ends. Although it is possible to make tongue depressors out of other materials such as plastic or metal, for the majority of uses, the time required to clean and sterilize them between tasks is usually considered too much work. Making them inexpensively, out of wood, allows you to through them away after use, saving you both time and money.

Most often when thinking of a tongue depressor, the first thing that comes to a persons mind is the doctor’s office. Tongue depressors get their name from their use in the medial field. When a medical practitioner uses a tongue depressor, they will ask their patient to open their mouth wide and then place the tongue depressor on the patient’s “tongue”. Then the medical practitioner will apply a small amount of force to “depress” the tongue down to the floor of the patient’s mouth and out of the way. After examining the mouth and throat, the inexpensive cost of the tongue depressor allows the medical practitioner to simply discard it. Outside of common oral use, the versatility of tongue dressers makes them ideal for mixing medications, applying salves and ointments, and for use as small splints.

The shape, size, and functionality of tongue depressors make them excellent for use in numerous applications outside of the medical field as well. Hobbyists like to use tongue depressors to build models, reinforce structures, and for mixing and smearing paints. Gardeners use tongue depressors to mark where they planted their plants. Teachers often use them in a multitude of craft projects, from picture frames to puppets. The low cost of tongue depressors allows children and adults alike to express their creative side in countless ways.

Whatever your use, tongue depressors provide a cost effective solution to a multitude of applications and here at DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry the highest quality wooden tongue depressors at the lowest price. We’re confident that these tongue depressors will provide you with the best results.