Using a wet saw can be messy process. The water that creates this mess is essential to keep the diamond saw blade cool. When a diamond blade is running cooler, it provides more accurate, efficient, and clean cuts. The cooler temperature will also extend the life of your expensive diamond blades. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry a large selection of high quality water pumps designed to provide your wet saws with the water they need, for discounted prices.

A wet saw or tile saw is a cutting tool that is designed to efficiently cut various hard materials like granite, marble, concrete, glass, porcelain, and as the name suggests, tiles. These saws utilize water by applying it to the diamond blade in order to keep it cool, prolonging its life, and minimizing the amount of dust thrown into the air as a result of cutting. Although wet saws cost more than dry saws, the added expense of wasted materials and shortened diamond blade life due to lack of cooling water, will more than exceed the difference in price. A wet saw will also produce cuts that are straighter and much more professional in appearance.

When setting up to use your wet saw there are several steps that will help you minimize the mess they create. It’s ideal to setup you saw outside since the slurry of water and tile dust they produce can be thrown more than ten feet from the saw. Running your saw without water to avoid this mess will create a dust cloud so thick you won’t be able to see your hand if you stretch it out in front of you. Laying out tarps or drop cloths will help keep the slurry under control. To keep yourself clean from the slurry, you can use protective, waterproof aprons and sleeves. Another great limiter of the slurry would be a water hood designed for your saw. We carry a wide selection of aprons, sleeves, and water hoods to assist you in keeping your work area clean. The tile slurry these saws create can harden like concrete, be sure to clean your saw and work area as soon as you’re done.

Always keep yourself safe from electrical shock by using a tile saw that comes equipped with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), almost all wet saws come with one. If your saw doesn’t have one, be sure to plug your saw into a GFCI-protected outlet.

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