DeFusco Industrial Supply is now a proud distributor for Marmoelettromeccanica. For over forty years, Marmo has been developing innovative tooling technologies for the stone industry. That is why thousands of operators worldwide can testify to the trustworthiness and efficiency of Marmoelettromeccanica’s tools in terms of quality and versatility. Marmo’s experience, persisting application, and the highest dedication has made them one of the most important Italian companies specializing in the production of diamond tools for marble, granite, natural and engineered stones. Custom tooling is available upon request. If you need any assisting in selecting the right tooling for your application please contact us at 1-800-289-6834.

In order to have the best results in terms of quality and longer lifespan tools, we recommend the following: all the minimum diameters written on the catalogue are purely indicative. For a correct setting of the tools, use the centennial number located on top of the tool.

Diamond wheel settings:

– Align tools near edge of the slab you are working on, like figure 1A-2A for closed profiles and figure 1B-2B for open profiles;

– Set on machine incremental value indicated on table;

– Proceed with your work;

– Repeat these passages for following steps.

Polishing wheel settings:

– Assure that machine works without dynamic compensation;

– Spray paint the edge 2-3 cm long on the stone or piece you are working on;

– Manually align tool until it is near the edge, at this point set incremental value indicated on table, and continue working;

– If paint is worn away, it means that everything went well and can proceed to the next level.

– In case paint is not fully warn off, increase the incremental value using the quote on table proceed by checking that all the paint is completely removed;

– Repeat operation for the following steps.

– The complete set of tools is aligned on the Z axis relative to the quote set on the machine; that must not be changed between one position to the next.

– On straight edge profiles we suggest to use the Perfector wheel that has to be used as follows:

– Z Profiles: after position 4

– Other profiles: after position 5, reducing feed speed increases the result and lasting of the tools

-It is not advisable to use tools mounted on one another (example: 2 wheels mounted on the same cone). In this case pay particular attention at the Z settings, overlapping causes alignment loss. Feed rate parameters on table are purely indicative, depending on the following factors:

– Type of material

– Tool Profile

– Machine Type

– Finishing Type