Line 40 Profile Wheels

This line is composed of profile wheels with the minimum diameter of 40mm from fast grinding to brilliant polishing thanks to Marmoelettromeccanica patented technologies. These wheels allow you to work on internal concave corners at a minimum radius of 25mm as well as on external edges. Thanks to Z axis alignment of the complete wheel set, to the measures indicated on each wheel and to our working parameters, your CNC machine set up has never been so easy.


Pos 0 Segmented Wheel

It is of primary importance during the grinding step. It is made with heliocoidal segments which avoids hammer effect. The modern and innovative sinterization process allows high speed grinding and long lifespan.

Pos 1/2 Zenith

Because of Marmo’s innovative technologies, the grinding profile wheels keep their shape over the entire lifespan.

Pos 3 Bi Power

This wheel does not lose its shape and allows a perfect profile rectification. The following polishing wheels will work in ideal conditions, have a longer lifespan and allow the perfect final polishing.

Pos 4/5/6 Long Life

The innovative polishing patented technology from Marmoelettromeccanica is used on the Long-life polishing wheels. They have high quality diamond printed on an elastic core. This unique technology allows lots of advantages: very long lifespan, halved working times, total absences of lines, exceptional polish with unbeatable results on marble, granite and quartz.

Pos 1/2 Electroplated

Electroplated wheels are made following the modern and innovative electropated process which grants a very good grinding power and a long lifespan.

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