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  • 1 3/4 Inch Slayer T Segment HS Dry Stone Core Bit

This Slayer 1 3/4" high speed dry cutting core bit will dry cut through granite slabs in just seconds. In our tests on different 2 cm slabs this core bit ran from 19 to 40 seconds per hole. This bit has brazed diamonds on both the inside and the outside of the barrel and T-segments to give you cleaner holes while trimming down the core for easier core ejection. The brazing also reduces heat build up on the core barrel. Another feature of the T segment is that the side clearance remains constant allowing you to use this bit to the very end. In our tests it was the longest lasting bit in number of holes it cut and nothing was faster.

This diamond core bit can be run wet or dry and will drill over a hundred holes in granite, marble or engineered stone at incredibly fast cutting speeds! If you fabricate granite counter tops, this diamond coring bit is for you! This high speed core bit can be used to drill through materials as thick as 60mm.

Slayer - for Killer Performance!

  • Super fast cutting speeds
  • Dry or wet cutting
  • 5/8 Inch-11 threaded arbor
  • High speed - run up to 12,000 RPM
  • Diamond brazed on both sides of barrel

These segmented high speed dry core bits for cutting stone are laser welded and can be run with or without water. They are excellent for cutting granite slabs and will cut through a 1 1/4" granite slab in just seconds! These core bits provide long life and if you are cutting stone dry, these are your best option. These bits are extremely aggressive and are made for heavy daily use. These 1 3/4" bits are used for spigot holes in counter tops. They are equipped with a 5/8 -11 threaded arbor to screw onto any contractors' grinder. If you are cutting holes in granite and other natural stone, these high speed dry cutting core bits will make your job easier.

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1 3/4 Inch Slayer T Segment HS Dry Stone Core Bit

  • Brand: Slayer Diamond
  • Product Code: SCBD1750BB
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $79.90

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