These hi-speed dry segmented stone core bits are ideal for cutting clean holes in granite, marble, and other natural stones. Hi-speed diamond-core bits are very aggressive and will cut through a ¾-inch granite slab in a few seconds. If your applications don’t allow for wet cutting, these hi-speed diamond segmented core bits are your best option.

These dry segmented diamond core bits are laser welded, so they can be run at high speeds without using water to cool them. They can be used with any contractor’s grinder that uses a 5/8″”-11 threaded arbor. They’re designed for heavy-duty daily use by professional and will provide you will a long life of precise hole cutting in stone. Not recommended for use with any slabs over 60mm thick.

If you install a large number of countertops, these are right for you. These core bits not only cut through stone slabs in seconds, they will do it hundreds of times.