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Weha V Cart Flip Cart 2200 lb Capacity for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Engineered Stone, Quartzite, other Sheet material

The Weha V Cart Flip Cart is made for moving stone from bridge saws to cnc machines, line machines, etc. to flip the stone from the polished side to the back side and vice versa.

Example of how to use the Weha V Cart Flip Cart:

The stone is loaded onto the bridge saw with the polished side up. After cutting the piece, the piece then moves to the cnc machine where the polished side is now facing down. 

All 4 posts are removable with 8 different post positions. 

Simply take 2 of the posts out. Using the Vacuum Lifter, move the stone (polished side up) to the V Cart and rest it against the 2 posts. This will put the back side of the stone against the posts.

Now insert the 2 post that was previously removed and lean the stone against them. Now the polished side is against the post.

Remove the first 2 posts and use the vacuum lifter to easily access the back of the stone. Now the stone can be loaded on the CNC machine polished side down. 

The Weha V Cart Flip Cart comes with 8" heavy duty caster wheels. 2 Fixed and 2 Swivel locking wheels. With a weight capacity of 2200 lbs, the Weha V Cart Flip Cart can be used for moving pieces all over the shop from one work station to the next. 

All areas on the cart where stone will come in contact with the V Cart is lined with rubber for scratch resistance and damage to the stone.

The Weha V Cart base is a solid 38" x 36" platform that can easily hold stone without the concern of turning over.

Weha V Cart Flip Cart Specifications

Dimensions: 38" x 36" x 59 1/2"

4 Posts: 2 x 2 x 47 1/2" Square Tube Posts lined with rubber

Spread at bottom between posts for stone placement: 9 1/2"

8 receivers for posts

Wheels: 8" diameter. 2 fixed and 2 swivel locking 

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Weha Yellow V-Cart Flip Cart

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