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This is the complete Slayerlock set of 4" snail lock backed resin discs for polishing flat edges on engineered stone. The finishing four grits of this set from 400 grit through 3,000 grit have white resin so they will never stain your engineered stone. These are  premium quality, long life, resin bonded snail lock discs for polishing engineered stone made of quartz and resin. They are efficient, effective and excellent quality!

In the set you get one each of the 50, 100 , 200, 400, 800, 1,500, and 3,000 grit snail lock backed discs which are stamped on the back for easy identification. If you are using a ProEdge machine for flat edges and you are polishing ES then these pads are economical and the best available quality.

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Slayer 4 inch Snaillock Edge Set for Engineered Stone

  • $299.00