When most people think of electrical tape, black is the first color that comes to mind. At DeFusco Industrial supply we stock standard black electrical tape along with red, blue, green, red, grey, and yellow, just to name a few. No matter which color you choose, you can rest assured that every roll of electrical tape that we offer is UL approved and certified not to catch fire or burn when exposed to high heat. Stock up and save, we offer quantity discounts on larger orders.

Although the most common use for electrical tape is to insulate bare wires and other materials that may conduct electricity, minimizing the chance of a short. Using a variety of colors, you can also easily mark live wires (red), neutral wires (grey or white), grounded wires (yellow or green), or simply label wires at each end of a piece of conduit with any other color for identification. Our wide variety of colors makes electrical tape perfect for many other labeling and identification applications as well.