At DeFusco Industrial Supply we carry a wide selection of grout sponges in varying sizes and quantities to choose from. These sponges are designed specifically for use on grout to increase efficiency and save you money. Featuring rounded edges and smaller pores that make cleaning grout a simple and pain free process. Even though our single grout sponge price is low, we offer the sponges in bulk packages for greater discounts. Buy more and pay less per sponge.

Every tile installation requires grout and the process can make a pretty big mess. The unique design of our grout sponges will save you a lot of time and hassle while cleaning up the excess grout and haze from your newly laid tile. Our sponges are available in several sizes and in different quantities for added savings.

If you’re laying tile with epoxy grout, we don’t recommend using our normal grouting sponges, since epoxy may cause these sponges to pack up. Instead choose our epoxy sponges, which have been designed to withstand the rigors of cleaning epoxy grout.