If you need a little more light in your shop, garage, or home, these rough service light bulbs are what you want. They are manufactured by name brands to ensure quality and feature brass basses with six-point filament support. As the name suggests, these incandescent light bulbs are designed to withstand the vibration and shock of demanding work environments. If incandescent bulbs burn out too quick, replace them with our rough service light bulbs and see the difference.

When your operations include using large machinery that produces a lot of vibration, standard incandescent filaments aren’t going to shine for long. Our line of rough service bulbs is designed for these environments. Their six-point filament support system will keep the filament in place, prevent breakage, and offer up to 15,000 hours of light. Our bulbs are made in the standard “A” shape and use a standard base, so they can be used in any light fixture that accepts standard incandescent light bulbs. Don’t work in the dark, stock up on these rough service light bulbs today.

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