Diamond Finger Bits are ideal for fast stock removal as well as truing up saw lines.

We at DeFusco Industrial Supply have done the research to get the right finger bit for your needs. We have finger bits designed to cut Granite, Engineered Stone and Marble. Get yours today!

The new technology allows some of these finger bits to be designed with layered diamonds that cuts aggressively without chipping or ripping material. The layering process is called Arix.

Diamond Finger Bit bonds and segment designs are unique. We offer the bond strength and brands you need. The metal bond segmented bits are excellent for granite, engineered stone and other hard natural stone while the resin filled segmented bits may be used for these materials as well as for onyx or brittle materials. The Cyclone bit has a bottom segment that is excellent if you are onion skinning your material.

These diamond finger bits are made for high-performance shaping in fabrication applications. Professionals have found the ARIX finger bits to work equally as well on soft or hard granite.

The diamond finger bit found here are a perfect way to remove material quickly and ideal for truing up saw lines as well.

All of the finger bits that you’ll find on our site are made by brand names that professional fabricators trust for quality and performance such as Slayer Diamond and Tyrolit Vincent. Our bits have been tested in our customer’s fabrication shops and produced clean cuts at rates up to 25 inches per minute, with stone slabs up to 4cm thick. Many of our finger bits offer quality discounts on larger orders, so stock up today and save. Top quality, high performance, and low price, purchase your finger bits from us and you won’t be disappointed.