Airflex brushes remove the “softer” material in the stone to create a beautiful texture
while enhancing the natural color in the stone. Made with many narrow bristles, the
TENAX Filiflex removes material more aggressively and cuts deeper to create a nice
antique look. The TENAX Airflex, which starts at 120 grit adds color and forms a beautiful
soft antique look. Higher grits are available to create a “caress”,
or polished finish. Available in Regular or Extra concentration for
longer life and performance.


TENAX Diamond Brushes are extremely aggressive and excellent for breaking/removing the
polish on slabs and creating a deep ANTIQUED texture. Designed for all types of natural and
engineered stones. These brushes have a high bristle count and will leave a deeper texture
than Filiflex and Airflex brushes.