Weha 5″ 3 Step Inline Polishing Pads for Horizontal and Vertical Inline Auto Edge Machines

Weha Velcro backed edge wheels are built and designed specifically for horizontal machines such as Comandulli machines, Montresor edge polishers as well as vertical polishing machines: Sasso Flying Flat, Park Industries FastBack, GMM Tower, Marmo 711, and other polishing machines.

Designed to accommodate between 5-9 heads, the Weha inline polishing combo system will create a fantastic polish on marble, granite, dark quartz, light quartz, quartzite, porcelian, ceramic, sintered stone, etc.

The Weha inline polishing wheels are velcro backed for quick replacement without the hassle of removing the snail lock holders.

The Step 0 is not needed under normal circumstances. Only use #0 if the edge is not flat or extremely rough and needs some stock removal before step 1.

This Weha combo system took several months of R & D and has been tested on 5 head vertical machines as well on up to 8 head horizontal machines.

The combination of the 3 Step and monkey pads is producing an excellent polish on all materials with all machines.

The Step 1,2,3 will be used together in sequence.

For 5 head machines:
Step 1,2,3, Monkey Pad 1000,2000 or 2000,3000 depending on the stone and how much gloss you need to match.
Typical quartz use 1,2,3, Monkey Pad 1000,2000
For greater texture use Step 1,2,3 Monkey pad 600,1000

For 6 or more head machines the sequence can be the same as the 5 head sequence. You may add the 3000 monkey for the occasional very difficult granite or add a 2nd Step 2 to increase speed