When it’s time to finish the surface of your stone, you have two choices. Are you going to use a machine or are you going to polish your stone by hand? If you choose to polish by hand, our selection of hand polishing pads are perfect for all your flat, bullnose, and ogee styled surfaces and edges. Hand polishing is ideal when there are no major blemishes or deep scratches and will allow you to produce an excellent flaw free finish for less than any polishing machine.

The hand polishing pads that you’ll find on our site are designed for minor touch ups, however they’re durable enough to take on the entire job. Our diamond pads are available in 20mm for flat and ogee styles, and in 20mm and 40mm for bullnose styles. We offer these pads in full sets, which include a total of 8 pads, 5 electroplated pads (60, 120, 220, 400 & 800 grit) and 3 resin-bonded pads (500, 1000 & 7500 grit). Each pad has a rubber backer permanently attached.