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  • Omni Cubed 7 Inch No-Spin Edger METRIC

The patented No-Spin Edger is an inexpensive solution for eliminating vertical surface damage during polishing and refinishing. This highly durable, rigid aluminum backer replaces traditional backer pads and features a free-floating top disk with a built-in bumper that stops spinning while the polishing pad continues to work beneath it. This innovative system acts as a protective roller-guide against perpendicular surfaces and eliminates costly damage caused by the edge of spinning pads. The No-Spin Edger allows fast, precise, and consistent cut patterns along edges and in corners, while greatly reducing time, labor, and worker fatigue. Available in three sizes (4", 5", and 7") with either 5/8-11 standard threads or M14 metric threads for a variety of applications.

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Omni Cubed 7 Inch No-Spin Edger METRIC

  • Brand: Omni-Cubed
  • Product Code: 7139-NSEM-17
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $195.00