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  • Tin Oxide Bundle with Backer Pad for Lapidary Materials

The Tin Oxide Bundle is used for polishing marble and granite surfaces to get out superficial scratches and scuffs in order to bring back the original brightness and luster to the stone. Our customers also use Tin Oxide to polish gemstones and other lapidary materials. In this bundle, you get:
one pound of Tin Oxide Polishing Compound,
five 7 3/4" Norton Ultra Grizzly Hogs Hair Pads used for buffing a polishing compound onto natural stone to get the stone to pop into an ultra high gloss finish,
7 3/4" Norton White Super Gloss non-woven pads that are perfect for softer stones such as marble, travertine, onyx and limestone.
one 8" x 2" x 1" Aluminum Oxide Dressing Stone,
one pair of Clear Coated Safety Glasses,
one 5" x 5/8"-11 backer pad so you can use these pads with your low speed polisher

Tin Oxide Polishing Compound

Tin oxide polishing powder can be used to buff out superficial scratches and scuffs and bring back the original brightness and luster to marble and granite surfaces. Tin Oxide is recognized as the best alloy powder available for polishing granite, marble and other stone including most lapidary materials. Our tin oxide comes in a 1 pound container, and can be mixed with water or fine oil to form a paste that will impart a high luster. If using on light or white stones test in a non-conspicuous spot as this product is gray and may leave gray marks.

In a similar chemical reaction to that with glass, tin oxide restores the luster of a stone surface--especially marble flooring--that's become dull over time. The technique for polishing is relatively simply: Apply tin oxide to the surface with a damp cloth and continuously rub and polish the surface until you achieve the desired sheen. This product may be used with power tools at low RPM - remember that speed increases friction which causes heat which will cause the slurry to dry out.

7 3/4" White Super Gloss Pad:

The five White Super Gloss Pads you will receive in this bundle are for buffing and polishing stone with the Tin Oxide. Many of our restoration professionals use this White Super Gloss non-woven pad. This is especially true when working softer stones like marble or limestone. It can be used on counters, walls and floors to increase the sheen or gloss of the stone. The White Super Gloss pad is for all polishing or burnishing applications where a high gloss is desired.

By using a white non-woven pad you eliminate the rust stains that may occur with a steel wool pad. These Norton pads, which are made by St. Gobain are non-abrasive polishing pads that will produce a high-gloss finish quality on your stone surfaces. Use the buffing pad with our Tin Oxide to restore the natural luster of your stone surfaces.

  • 5 Pads included
  • 7 3/4" diameter
  • Designed to remove scratches and marks and make the stone glisten

7 3/4" Norton Ultra Grizzly Hogs Hair Pad
The Norton Ultra Grizzly Hogs Hair Pads can also be used for light scuff removal to renew that wet-look finish. They are engineered with fibers that are durable enough to clean and use again, yet resilient enough to conform to the surface for better coverage. These pads are excellent for use on all stone surfaces for a variety of applications from burnishing to polishing, These pads help to prolong re-coating applications and maintain a high facility image.

  • 5 Pads included
  • A special blend of synthetic and natural hair fibers with the highest hair content for a more aggressive burnishing application
  • Designed to quickly remove scratches and marks to leave floors glistening
  • Pads 7-3/4" diameter

8" x 2" x 1" 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide Dressing Stone

This is a great tool for sharpening dull diamond blades. Simply run the blade through this 60 grit stone a couple of times and it will shear the outside layer of metal off the blade and expose new layers of diamonds. This Dressing Stone gives your blades a new cutting edge. It's like having a new blade!

Clear Coated Safety Glasses

The Safety Glasses feature a strong, one piece polycarbonate lens with integral side-shields. These safety glasses filter out 99% of UV radiation. The lightweight nylon frame features extension adjustable templates for added comfort and balance.
  • Better visibility
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Coated for scratch resistance
  • Meets all OSHA & ANSI codes

5" Backer Pad

This is an excellent quality durable backer pad. The pad has foam rubber between the face and the nut so it will conform to surfaces. This backer has a hook and loop face so it can be used with any pad that has a hook and loop backing on it, and it comes with a 5/8" x 11 threaded arbor so it will fit all grinders and polishers with a threaded arbor. It can be used wet or dry and will retain it's shape and flexible feel.

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Tin Oxide Bundle with Backer Pad for Lapidary Materials

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