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  • Tenax Quartz Ax Cleaner

Tenax Quartz Ax Cleaner:  Is a water-based descaling cleaner designed specifically for use on quartz material with a variety of finishes. It quickly and effectively cleans and removes coarse dirt that may be present on the surface of quartz.

Ax Cleaner also works to remove lime deposits from surfaces in quartz agglomerated. It is a water-based cleaner designed for use on the following finishes: 

  • Glossy
  • Polished
  • Brused

Quartz Ax Cleaner is pleasantly scented and designed to be mixed with water in various ratios to remove dirt and buildup from quartz surfaces. To remove unwanted dirt or lime mix Quartz Ax Cleaner with water in various dilution ratios and use on quartz surfaces to restore your quartz stone to a like-new appearance. Quartz Ax Cleaner can be mixed at the following ratios depending on the resistance of the dirt to be removed:

  • 1:100 - 1:30 (Light Dirt)
  • 1:30 - 1:15 (Intermediate Dirt)

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Tenax Quartz Ax Cleaner

  • Brand: Tenax
  • Product Code: TEAXE1L
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  • $24.95