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  • Tenax Frankfurt Airflex 600 Grit Brush

This is the 600 grit Frankfurt diamond antiquing brush by Tenax. This "Airflex" brush is made for giving your stone a non-polished textured look which resembles the texture of an old worn leather belt.

The Airflex antiquing brushes are used following the Filiflex to give the stone an antiqued look. When you are finished it will have texture and the full color of the stone will be exposed. These can be used on any machine that is set up for using Frankfurt heads, from a bed polisher like the Sasso K-Lux to a swing machine set up to take Frankfurt heads.

The Airflex brushes run from 120 grit to 800 grit. At 300 grit you should have full color of the stone with a non-reflective or a minimally reflective finish. If you want a higher gloss on the top surface, go through the 800 lux grit. This finish which has a gloss on the top surface but not at the bottom of the textured piece is called a “Caress” finish.

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Tenax Frankfurt Airflex 600 Grit Brush

  • Brand: Tenax
  • Product Code: 22FFAIR600
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