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  • Taurus 3 Seperating Blade Kit

This blade is designed for cutting in the center of a piece of glass or stone where you do not want to cut line to the edge of the piece. This blade uses a high grade aircraft steel alloy while the coupling itself is stainless steel.

Getting started with this blade on your saw

You will need:

  •   Pattern with hole in the center
  •   Needle nose pliers
  •   Rubber cement
  •   Drill bit for starting hole
  •   Drill
  •   Permanent Marker

Start by marking the hole where you want it, then drill a starting hole through the material. Then using the rubber cement glue your pattern piece with the hole in it right over the work piece to give yourself a template. Once it is lined up apply rubber cement over it to keep it waterproof.

This is a Seperating replacement blade with 2 grommets for the Taurus 3 Ringsaw or the Tile Shaper Ringsaw. The Seperating blade is another omnidirectional blade that has a coupling in it so you can string it through a center hole to make inside cuts. The grommets go over the hub to make sure your replacement blade runs like the first blade the saw used.
This blade is perfect for cutting inside shapes in tile, marble, granite & other natural stone, glass, plate glass, etc..
This is a one piece diamond coated blade. Be sure to keep the joint waxed or oiled to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion. Store the blade well waxed or oiled. Blade pictured here has inset of seperation at coupling.

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Taurus 3 Seperating Blade Kit

  • $89.90

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