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  • Taurus 3 Accessories Kit

This accessory kit is for the Taurus 3 & Tile Shaper ringsaws. It contains tools for cutting 30/45/60 degree angles, a 45 degree bevel guide for making perfect boxes, a straight edge guide, a circle maker for perfect circles, an instruction booklet and an instructional video that shows how to use the accessory kit. It even comes with a lamp wedge to put a 30 degree bevel on the edge of a finished piece.


  •   The Straight Edge
  •   30/60 Degree Cutoff Triangle
  •   45 Degree Cutoff Triangle
  •   Bevel Edge Maker
  •   Circle Maker
  •   Lamp Wedge

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Taurus 3 Accessories Kit

  • $42.90

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