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Stone Cleaner & Stone Polish

During our 30 years in business, DeFusco Industrial Supply has enjoyed national recognition for being one of the go-to sources for some of the finest machinery and equipment to cut and bore tile, masonry, concrete and stone materials. However, even the Romans, masters of stonework in their era, knew that the use and utility of stone also required maintaining its natural beauty. To that end, they employed whatever was at hand, including pumice, white sand cloth, marble dust, vinegar and even fish and olive oil to clean and polish stone to enhance its overall appearance. Two thousand years later, we at DeFusco proudly carry on with the Roman legacy of stonework by providing a wide array of quality 21st. century products to prepare, clean and polish many types of natural and quality engineered stone surfaces.

While the ancient cultures used marble and granite principally for buildings, monuments and statuary, most current applications for these materials are a bit different. Many new homes, restaurants, bars and even some office environments now use these traditional materials for kitchen counters, tables, credenzas, bath/shower areas, and work surfaces. Cleaning these stone surfaces and preserving their natural beauty is now easier than ever with our complete line of safe, easy-to-use cleaners and polishes. With carry premium products from Easy Stone Care, Better Bio Solutions, Tenax and Maurizio Bertoli, the Italian stone restoration extraordinaire from MB Stone Care, to name a few.

Whether it's a natural material like limestone, marble, and granite, or a manufactured surface like Terrazzo or cultured stone, we have the right products for your particular job. Soap residue, mildew, hard water spots, food and drink stains, and small scratches or abrasions can all detract from the natural beauty of these stone surfaces. Removing these blemishes and polishing the material to its original luster is a cinch with our user-friendly products, along with the proper steps and techniques, which we are always happy to share with you.

For smaller areas and quick maintenance, we recommend using Easy-Oxy Daily Cleaner, one of our fine products from Easy Stone Care. Another very useful product is MB-3, a soap film, and mineral deposit cleaner from MB Stone Care. These cleaners are the perfect solution for some of the daily keep-up that's required in kitchens, baths and on bar/service surfaces. Larger areas such as limestone, marble, granite or stone tile flooring may require one of our other cleaners or polishes. They are made especially for such surfaces because they take such a heavy toll from foot traffic. 7 N-One from Better Bio Solutions is one such item, used to deep clean, lift and remove ground-in dirt and grime from marble and granite without leaving any harsh residue. To restore the luster to such flooring, another fine product is MB-12, a stone polishing powder by MB Stone Care that can be used dry or with water to revitalize the original beauty and luster of the stone to a fine finish. These are but a few items from our extensive line-up of fine easy-to-use stone care products…whatever the job, we have it covered.

Keep in mind that all of our cleaning and polishing materials are the finest available to the stone and tile care industry. All have been tested for their ease of use and bio-friendly qualities, as well as their top-notch cleaning and restoration characteristics. Whether the material is a natural stone or tile or even an engineered surface, DeFusco Industrial Supply has the tried and true products backed by 30 years of expertise to assist you with virtually any stone cleaning or polishing requirements. With our help, your stone surfaces will look even better than anything they had in the days of the have our word on it!

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