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  • Taurus 3 Slicer Blade Kit

Slicer Blade Thinnest curf ever for Taurus 3 or Tile Shaper Ringsaws. The Slicer blade is ideal when removing the least amount of material is desired. This blade gives you the ability to use more of your material and as a byproduct actually cuts faster than any of our other Ring Saw Blades.  It is highly recommended for use with our Super Slicer. The Slicer blade is flat, giving it strength when cutting forward and backward, because of this, the cutting will only be from the front and back. Cutting from the sides will not only be very slow but will damage the grommets.

This blade is made exclusively for use with the red Taurus 3 & Tile Shaper Ringsaws by Gemini.

This is a Slicer blade replacement blade with 2 grommets for the Taurus 3 Ringsaw or the Tile Shaper Ringsaw. The Slicer blade is a flat sided blade that fits both saws. The grommets go over the hub to make sure your replacement blade runs like the first blade the saw used. This blade is perfect for cutting tile, marble, granite & other natural stone, glass, plate glass, etc..
This is a one piece diamond coated blade.

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Taurus 3 Slicer Blade Kit

  • $89.90

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