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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

When it comes to fire extinguishers we carry high quality ProLine extinguishers from Kidde Firenetics. These fire extinguishers include features like being rechargeable, high ABC ratings, mounting brackets, and are made in the United States of America. Most of these fire extinguishers feature a metal head and are classified for residential, commercial, industrial, as well as marine use and are Coast Guard approved.

A fire extinguisher is most often a sturdy metal cylinder that is filled with some type of smothering material. When you squeeze the lever on the top of the fire extinguisher, the smothering material is forced out of the cylinder; the same way hair spray is expelled from an aerosol can. Fire extinguishers are separated into several categories depending on the types of fires that they are effective on. There is also a numerical rating that will give you an idea of how much fire each extinguisher can handle, a larger number means it has more fire-fighting power.

Every home, office, and worksite should have at least one fire extinguisher to protect against accidental fires. Since there are so many different fire extinguishers available to you, it’s important that you select the proper one for your particular needs. It is very important that you know what type of extinguisher you are using. If you use an extinguisher with the wrong rating, not only will it not properly extinguish the fire, it could be life threatening as well. Below is a basic list of the ABC ratings, there are several other rating not include in our list, however these will help you when selecting the fire extinguishers we carry.

Class A extinguishers are designed for extinguishing fires on common combustible materials like most plastics, paper, cardboard, and wood. You can see how much water these extinguishers contain and how much fire they can handle by checking the numerical rating. (Green triangle)

Class B fire extinguishers are for fires that involve flammable liquids like grease, oil, gasoline, and kerosene. The numerical rating on these extinguishers represents the approximate number of square feet of fire that they can extinguish. (Red Square)

Class C extinguishers are designed for fires that involve electrical equipment like wiring, circuit breakers, outlets, and appliances. The materials used in class C extinguishers do not use any conductive agents to extinguish a fire. Never use water to try and put out an electrical fire, there is a high risk of electrical shock. There is no numeric rating for class C fire extinguishers. (Blue circle)

The fire extinguishers that we carry have a high ABC rating and are excellent multipurpose dry chemical extinguishers. If you are not sure if these are appropriate for your home, office, or working environment, please contact us and we will gladly help you choose the proper fire extinguisher for protecting your property.

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