Flagging tape or ribbon is not an adhesive tape at all, rather it’s a highly visible and extremely bright tape used as a marking and identification device. Since our tapes can withstand the elements for months, our flagging tape is perfect for marking property boundaries, underground utilities, and hazards while surveying your property. Other common uses for flagging tape include marking paths for hiking, trees for cutting, and fences for easy identification at night.

On our site you’ll find a wide selection of colors to choose from, selecting the right color for your application is almost as important as choosing a high quality flagging tape. Make sure you select a color of flagging tape that will stand out in its surroundings. A green tape marker is not going to work near as well for marking bushes as a bright pink or yellow tape will. With our low prices, and flagging tapes countless uses, there’s no reason not to keep a roll or two around, just in case.