Duct tape is a multi-use tape that can be found in almost every home, office, garage, and shop. Although duct tape got its name from its use working on air conditioning and heating ductwork, its versatile design makes it great for countless bonding applications. Made with only three components including a fabric mesh, polyethylene, and an incredibly strong adhesive, duct tape is simple to use and can be easily ripped to any desired size without using a dispenser or cutting tool.

Duct tape has works so well on home improvement projects and repairs that people started finding other uses for duct tape. Now you can find duct tape being used in every application where a flexible adhesive tape is needed, and in many where it’s not. In addition to holding your cars bumper on, duct tape has been found used to make jewelry, wallets, purses, hats, footwear, costumes, clothing, and even large pieces of furniture. One thing is certain, if you’re applications require holding several items together, duct tape will get the job done.