If you’re tile-setting applications require the use of epoxy grout, than you want to try our epoxy sponges. Designed with the unique characteristics of epoxy grout in mind, these epoxy sponges won’t retain water or clog up like normal sponges will. In fact, when you compare these epoxy sponges to others, they last up to twelve times longer. These sponges may not save you a lot of time cleaning your epoxy grout, but their long life will save you a lot of money.

Although our epoxy sponges offer extended life while cleaning up epoxy grout, we do not recommend using them for all your grouting applications. Our normal grout sponges will offer the same long life with normal tile grout as our epoxy sponges only for much lower prices. No matter what grout you use while setting your tile, using our high quality sponges is a great way to save both time and money.