Individual Hole Saws/Accessories

If you’re looking for top quality brand name hole saws and accessories, you’re on the right page. Here you’ll find hole saws, mandrels, pilots, and extensions made by top brands, here in the USA. These cylindrical cutting tools have M3 serrated edges that will cut though all of your metal and wood materials up to two-inches thick.

At DeFusco Industrial Supply we offer hole saws ranging from 7/8-inch to 4 1/2-inches in diameter designed for daily professional use. These hole saws will cut through soft materials like plastics and woods as well as hard materials such as stainless steel. Here you’ll also find mandrels both large and small, pilot bits, and extensions up to twelve inches long for those hard to reach cutting applications. All of these hole saws and accessories offer professional quality, reduced vibration, and fast cutting for an affordable price. Quantity discounts are available for larger orders, stock up today and save.

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