Hard Hats

All of the hard hats that you’ll find on our site are industrial rated and meet the standards and codes set by ANSI and OSHA. Our hard hats feature snap-adjustable or ratchet-style headset designs that are extremely comfortable to wear, making it easier to convince employees use them. If your jobsite or working environment has exposed objects like pipes, beams, or electrical conductors or has objects that may fall, hard hats are one piece of safety equipment you must have.

Head injuries can cause permanent damage, paralysis, or in worst case situations may result in death. The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation says that safety headgear must be used by workers on any jobsite that may contain falling objects, flying or thrown objects, or other harmful contacts that may cause head injuries. For this and many other reasons, hard hats are used across the industries like construction, warehousing, traffic control, and forestry. Unfortunately, many workers come up with excuses, don’t properly care for, or simply forget to wear their hard hats and put their health and life in danger. Not to mention the repercussions that may fall on their employer should a head injury occur?

The design of protective hard hats and helmets will protect workers in several ways. The rigid outer shell that will deflect any objects that falls onto the workers head by utilizing its interior suspension system that works like a shock absorber, providing the first and most apparent protection. A hard hat can provide additional protection if you modify it to include goggles, face shields, hoods, or hearing protection to protect a worker from spills, splashes, drips, and noise. Some specially designed hard hats will also act as an insulator to protect a worker from electric shock.

Hard hats should be stored and cared for properly on a routine bases. If at any time you find that a hard hat has become weakened or starts to show cracks, it should be disposed of and replaced. You should always keep a couple on hand for replacement. Never store hard hats in areas that make them exposed to ultraviolet light and extreme heat, like the rear window of your truck, this will speed up the aging of your hard hat and require early replacement.

Train your employees to properly maintain their hard hats and they will last much longer. Chemicals like some cleaning agents, paints, and paint thinners can weaken the rigid outer shell of a hard hat and can also eliminate the its resistance to electrical shock. Please note, while it is fun to decorate your hard hat with paints and stickers, these items can also hide the signs of deterioration and create a safety hazard.

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