The Weha Heavy Duty Non-Skid Drop Cloth protects floors from footprints, dirt, and scratches.

Made with a 10oz Canvas material with finished and stitched hems and seams, the Grippy Gecko will hold up to standing, rolling wheels, ladders, tools, animal feet, and claws, etc.

The Grippy Gecko non-slip drop cloth can be used on wood, tile, stone, carpet, concrete, and metal.

What makes the Grippy Gecko the best non-skid, non-slip drop cloth? On the bottom of the drop cloth are tens of thousands of slip-resistant dots that hold the drop cloth firmly in place when stepped on. These make it ideal as runners for install workers, painters, plumbers, in-house delivery teams, moving companies, and any construction work.

At 3.5 ft wide, The Grippy Gecko will lay flat between most hallways, around kitchen islands, and stairways.