Puff Deodorizer for Smoke Odors eliminates the smell of cigarettes, cigars, welding smoke, cannabis, vapes, sweat and other odors. Puff Deodorizer is convenient to carry and perfect to use when you need to get rid of that ‘funk’ smell. Don’t show up to a business meeting, dinner or any other gathering with a ‘funk’, a quick spray and you’ll be smelling fresh.
By attacking odors at the source Puff Deodorize even eliminates lingering odors. Puff Deodorizer’s unique formula makes it perfect to quickly neutralize odors on your clothing and fabric.
Easily remove welding smoke odors with one application. This special deodorizing formula is derived from natural ingredients which makes it safe to use on clothing, fabric, car interiors and more. Apply as needed for continued odor-free protection.