Here you’ll find the highest quality, number-two, three-inch Phillips hex shank bits available on the market. Made out of tempered industrial grade S2 steel for increased durability. Featuring a reinforced ribbed tip design that’s able to handle up to 50% more torque than any other hex Phillips tip on the market. If you’re looking for #2 Phillips hex shank tips in a longer 3” size for an affordable price, you’re in the right place. Quantity discounts available for larger orders.

These #2 x 3” hex shank Phillips tips are designed for use with any standard size quarter-inch hex driver and allow you to change from one bit to another quickly and effortlessly. Stop throwing money away on screwdrivers. When you purchase any of our Phillips hex bits, you’re only paying for what you need, the tip. When you purchase these #2 x 3” Phillips bits in large quantities, we will reduce our prices even further, saving you more.

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