The Weha PIG Counter Top Planetary Polisher was designed and built specifically for stone countertops. This isn’t a modified floor machine. The PIG Planetary Machine has been designed to re-polish, hone, and leather all stone countertops. If you have a scratch, you can re-polish. If you want to remove the polish and hone, no problem. If you need to leather granite, marble, quartzite, you can do it easily with the Pig Planetary Polisher.

The Pig Planetary Surface Machine has been designed for both in-shop uses as well as for job site (in-home) use. For in the shop, there is a dedicated quick connect water connection that connects to a standard garden hose for continuous water flow. This has an on/off valve that can control water flow. For on-the-job, in the home, just fill up the half-gallon water reservoir. Dispense the water with 2 separate on/off valves to control the exact amount of water needed. To help control the water spray from the pads, a removable rubber water skirt is provided.

The PIG Planetary Polisher has 3 heads each with a 5/8-11 thread. It can accept 4″, 5″, 6″ pads. With a full 14″ clearance, the 6″ pads is preferred as it offers more diamond to surface contact.

The PIG is a dual-action planetary polisher. Meaning the 3 heads spin as well as the entire body, giving dual planetary action for fast, clean, even, no swirl finish to all material.

Using the PIG Planetary Polisher along with the Weha polishing systems below will give you the perfect factory finish Hone, Polish, and Leather finishes.