Tenax Crystal Mastic

If you’re looking for an adhesive that will create a strong, effective, and long lasting crystal clear bond with marble or granite materials, consider your search over. Tenax crystal mastic is glue that creates an extremely strong bond, yet is not an epoxy or polyester. It’s acrylic mastic with the drying speed of poly and the strong bond of epoxy while remaining crystal clear. At DeFusco Industrial Supply we offer Tenax crystal mastic at a discounted price.

Tenax crystal acrylic mastic provides you the best of both worlds in one great easy to use formula. You can use it for all your gluing application where marble or granite are involved. Due to its crystal clear finish it’s especially recommended for use on precious light colored stones where tinted epoxies or poly may hide the stones natural appearance. Don’t be fooled by other products that claim to be clear, Tenax has become the brand name that professionals have grown to trust and rely on.

Tenax crystal mastic is available in to consistencies; flowing and knife-grade. The Tenax flowing consistency provides you with an adhesive that is similar to water for easy spreading, ideal when creating a permanent bond on granite and marble lamination. The consistency of Tenax knife-grade will give you more control when filling larger chips, cracks, and gaps in your marble, granite, and natural stones. You will need to add stone chips, dust, or color when filling larger cracks since this glue dries crystal clear, hence the name.

Tenax crystal mastic is designed for indoor use. When using this product or similar products, be sure you always follow any direction provided by the manufacturer. Remove the amount of glue required for your application and add the necessary amount of hardener. Make sure you thoroughly mix the two together at a rate of 100 gr of mastic to 1-4 gr of hardener. For best results mix at a temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Your mixture should be workable for approximately three to five minutes. Before applying make sure that the surface you are going to treat is completely dry and clean, with no trace of dust or grease. Never return unused mixtures into your can since this will ruin your entire can.

In a working environment with a temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be able to process your glued pieces sixty to eighty minutes after applying the mastic. If the temperature where you are working is higher it will speed up the process and if the temperatures are lower the process will slow down. Tenax crystal mastic will not harden in temperatures below freezing (0 C, 32 F). Store all unused product in a location out of the sun, away from heat, and at approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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