Our SDS shank carbide tipped rotary hammer bits are designed with slotted shanks that feature a curved recess, which locks into you rorohammer’s chuck in order to secure it in place during use. These SDS shank bits are made for used with any SDS rotohammer up to eight-pounds and are available in several sizes ranging from 3/16 to 1 1/8-inches in diameter. All of these SDS shank bits feature two flutes for fast and effective material and dust removal.

Although the SDS shank is the most commonly used shank in the industry, our SDS carbide tipped bits are far from common. Our SDS bits are made in the USA out of the finest materials available and guaranteed to maintain their tip. They have also been designed for rugged daily use in commercial and industrial environments, yet we’ve kept our prices low for private home use. Please note that these SDS shank bits must be used in a rotary hammer and are not designed for use with any standard drills.