Nothing will put more strain on your diamond blades than trying to make radial cuts. These concave brazed diamond blades are not only the solution; they’re the most aggressive cutting blades you’ll ever use. Stop damaging your standard diamond blades trying to cut out sinkholes, instead use our concave blades, which are designed for radial cutting.

These concave diamond blades offer the fastest and most reliable way to cut out holes in your natural stone slabs. Designed with a natural arc and featuring 100% diamond exposure, these concave blades will cut through granite slabs up to 3 centimeters thick with ease. Our professional fabricators love these blades for cutting out inside ovals and circles in hard countertop material such as granite and marble. Manufactured by top brand names like Slayer Diamond and Diamante Italia so you can rest assured they will stand up to the demands of professional use, while offering the fastest cutting speed on the market.